They’re exploring around new circular materials with open ideas and no limits. They dare to challenge the status quo when it comes to design and sustainability.
They are so inspiring that we’ve talked to them!
  • One new material
  • One designer


by Studio / Sarmite

« Today we, designers, need to challenge existing production systems that overuse the natural resources. »

Sarmite Polakova

The Thistle Collection / Artichair

by Kizi Studio

« I started to explore the field of bio-materials thanks to a naive thought, to enhance Greek economy by making product with natural local materials. »

Spyros Kizis

Forest wool

by Tamara Orjola

« It's very important to understand the global picture; the whole cycle of materials applies. »

Tamara Orjola


by Martijn Straatman

« Manure has been a building material for decades. How coud I bring this waste material back into our houses? »

Martijn Straatman

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