Where are you based and where do you manufacture?

All our furniture are manufactured locally here, in Barcelona, in workshops or small factories according to material needs. We know the craftsmen and owners. We trust them to achieve the best quality.

Where do the biomaterials you’re crafting with come from?

We limit our search for innovative biomaterials to countries of the European Community so as to avoid a major carbon footprint.

How do I contribute to boost these biomaterials through Nid-O?

Thanks to your pre-order, we buy the biomaterial to its maker at the set market price. Once the whole edition or collection is sold, we re-inject 5% of the margin as a « bonus » in their R&D department to help further investigations.

What kind of finishings do you use @ Nid-O?

The biomaterials we choose are perfectly circular: they come from waste, are long-lasting and finally end up being recycled, biodegraded or even composted for the rawest of them. We only add bio-sourced products (paint, varnish, glue…) with no impact on health or environment.

Are you sure of the biomaterials’ technical properties?

The biomaterials we chose to craft our furniture have been tested and re-tested for many years by the makers’ R&D department. The technical properties always refer to those of traditional well-known materials such as MDF wood panels, plastic, leather. Like them, these innovative and sustainable materials are planned for a long life cycle even if there is no history about it yet, Nid-O - and you! - being the very first ones in giving them a chance for application in Design. In any case, the legal 2 years guarantee obviously applies.

Why are you only proposing limited editions?

The biomaterials we’re interested in at Nid-O come from waste, either industrial or organic. They’re unique and just started to be marketed. At this stage, quantities could be limited.

Where can I buy Nid-O?

Online only. We are believing in short loops. It goes directly from the workshop to your place. That’s the only way to ensure a fair pricing policy.

Do you have stocks?

No. Nid-O is based upon pre-orders. We don’t want to produce if there is no need or demand.

So when will I receive my purchase?

We launch manufacturing process every 20 units sold or, if necessary, every 15 working days at the latest. Then in a week’s time, your furniture is crafted and dispatched to the transporter. It can be quite quick or a little longer (a month at worst); in any case we keep you informed by email or Messenger.

Where and how do you deliver?

We deliver in European Community only, from Barcelona, to avoid a major carbon footprint. 

What if I change my mind and want to return my purchase?

No problem. You have 14 days after reception to send us an e.mail at customer@nid-o.com and we’ll get back to you explaining the process. You will find the conditions in the legal terms section.