Once upon a time...

The current edition

  • One new material


  • One designer

    Luis Eslava

  • One limited edition


HONEXT provides a great alternative to wood!

The new material

It is a revolutionary fibreboard coming from the paper industry waste and completely biodegradable/recyclable. This healthy new material (no VOCs emission and no toxic binder inside) stands over traditional ones like Particleboard in terms of performance (greater strength and durability). It’s moisture resistant, fire retardant and even insulating (both sound & thermal).

It went through 6 years of R&D to ensure this transformation of cellulosic residues into market products. The whole team of this innovative green startup from Barcelona (Spain) is committed with circular economy and sustainability in general; the factory has no environmental impact and the production process has been optimised through industrial collaborations.

Luis Eslava is moved by a natural curiosity, global interests and an integral approach to design.

The designer

He likes to be involved at all stages of the manufacturing process in challenging projects from different cultures and areas of business. To him, « a designer has to be able to offer a wide range of solutions » and « to rethink everyday life ». And he does so, always mixing functionality and symbolism so as to create the strongest bond with users.

After studying at London’s Royal College of Art, working for footwear brand Camper and living for a time in Japan, Luis moved back to Spain in 2008. Since then, his studio got awarded for lighting design with Lzf-Lamps; set up ephemeral installations such as ROJO Show in London and NYC in a co-curated exhibition with Nani Marquina; designed stands for Velcro; developed a food design project - The Cent plate collection - in partnership with Chef Andreu Genestra at El Bulli’s gastronomic school. He collaborated with many companies around the globe - Sancal Spain, Vertisol, Martini Russia, TFK Kuwait, Tombow Japan - and joined the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) for technical Spanish design conferences in China, Japan or Turkey.


One limited edition

N-O1 is a small side table like no other! It’s got several possible positions to fit your home and lives up to needs and expectations, down on your feet or within a hand reach, wherever it stands. It’s composed by three slotted pieces with notches and turned wood accessory (FSC certified) that drives its orientation or use. It's locally crafted near Barcelona (Spain), hand-made in a carpentry workshop and delivered in flatpack for a limited environmental impact.